Developers are "Builders" at Heart

In their jobs, they love to break boundaries and create the next best thing. Armed with the latest programming skills, equipped with cutting-edge solutions, and charged with solving today’s complex business problems, they’re ideally poised to change the courses of their organizations.

This ideal, however, is not meeting the current reality.

In the new SolarWinds® report, Cloud Confessions: The Trouble with Troubleshooting, developers, DevOps teams, and web product managers (WPMs) admitted they don’t always have time to prioritize business growth and innovation. The report revealed a nearly universal trend: troubleshooting application issues is the No. 1 activity on which these tech professionals must spend their time, leaving little room to create meaningful products and services—the aspect of their jobs they love most.

Download the survey key findings to learn more about how troubleshooting is affecting the way developers, DevOps teams, and WPMs work, why it’s prohibiting them from applying their knowledge, insight, and skillsets to transform their organizations, and what can be done to help them get back to doing what they do best.
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Section 2: Spin Straw into Gold