5 Best Practices to Optimize Log Management for DevOps, SREs, and IT Operations

Tuesday, December 10 from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CT

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research shows that over the previous 12 months, the number of technologies with direct impact on log management increased by 156%. “Within a Kubernetes-context, the number of log analytics-related developer challenges has nearly doubled over the past year,” says Torsten Volk, senior analyst, EMA. As a result, DevOps, SREs, SysOps, and software engineering teams often spend over 30% of their time chasing down issues across technology silos on the infrastructure, cloud platform, and application level.
In this webinar, Torsten will present EMA’s five log management requirements for traditional enterprise applications and modern microservices-based environments. Bradley Sisson, technical account manager, SolarWinds, will demonstrate how SolarWinds® Loggly®, which is part of the company’s APM Suite, addresses these requirements and how it can help organizations refocus staff time on productivity, while at the same time reducing MTTR.

Webinar participants will learn:
1. Five critical questions to ask log management vendors
2. How to balance log analytics requirements of traditional enterprise and modern applications
3. The impact of log analytics on security and compliance
4. How your log management strategy can positively impact DevOps efficiency and lower operational risk


Torsten Volk
Torsten Volk
Torsten Volk is a research director at Enterprise Management Associates. He’s a software executive and industry analyst focused on uniting business, developers, and corporate IT to rapidly, continuously, and pragmatically deliver customer value in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. He works to push the boundaries of traditional IT operations and DevOps automation technologies through advanced analytics, machine learning, and deep learning. Volk established the EMA Research #CloudRant format, the #EMATop3 industry reports, and most recently, the EMA Babbage methodology for quantitative triangulation of industry trends and enterprise pain points. He also led the development of a series of complex distributed software systems worldwide.

Bradley Sisson
Bradley Sisson
Bradley has always had a fascination with understanding how things work and fixing them when broken. He started his career working with the Compuware Vantage suite and then the Dynatrace APM tool, both a natural fit for his interests. Since then, he’s spent his entire career working with different monitoring tools covering a wide range of technologies. He’s worked as a consultant in customer success, and currently as a pre-sales engineer for the SolarWinds Application Management team.

Identify and fix problems before they become critical
Connect the dots across your web applications, infrastructure, and devices with a unified view across log data with SolarWinds® Loggly®.

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